How to Pay Charter Bill on My Spectrum App

Want to know how charter Bill pay works? Charter spectrum allows their customers to pay bills from multiple platforms like websites, stores or mobile apps. They have a My Spectrum app for users to pay charter bill online, troubleshoot network issues and with other features. Read this article to find what is My spectrum app and how charter bill pay works.

What is My spectrum app?

My spectrum app is created by Spectrum charter for their customers. Users can manage their spectrum services directly from this app. Customers can troubleshoot their devices for network and connection with my spectrum tools and pay their bills. Users can check their charter bill pay and due date, view and download bill statements, auto-pay their bill and find the nearest spectrum store directly from this app.

How to Pay Charter Bills on My spectrum app?

Customers who have spectrum cable, internet or voice services can pay their bill online with my spectrum app. Here is the process,

  • Download My spectrum app on Android or iOS
  • Once you download and install the app, you need to login

Charter Bill Pay

  • If you are new to charter spectrum, then you need to create a username
  • Select “create username” option
  • Select “account info” from the list
  • Then enter your Account Number and Security Code from the bill
  • Now you will receive a code from spectrum on your email, text or as a phone call (whichever source users chooses)
  • Enter the code to confirm your identity
  • Now create your username and password
  • After that, login to My spectrum app with your username and password
  • Now select “billing” option in the app
  • Choose make payment
  • Now enter your payment detail and follow the instruction to complete charter bill pay.

Other Ways to Pay Charter bill on Spectrum

Users can visit the official charter bill payment website and pay bill online.

  • Visit the official portal at
  • Now login with your spectrum username and password
  • Then find the billing option and choose make a payment or pay my bill option
  • Now complete the payment information with your debit or credit card
  • Then pay your charter bill

Customers can opt for the autopay option in which users can pay charter bill online without visiting the website or app. Every month, it will automatically deduct the charter bill pay amount from your bank account.

Spectrum store

Customers can visit their nearby spectrum shop and pay their bill. Spectrum stores have a separate bill payment account, users need to provide their account information and they can pay their charter bill with ease. Find the nearest spectrum store from the link.

Third Party payment

Customers can use third-party agents for charter bill pay with ease. Currently Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart or Schnucks Supermarkets offer Spectrum bill payment services. This service only provides walk-in payments only.

Charter Bill Pay by Phone

Customers can call (833) 267-6094 number and pay their bill with automated services. They can choose the bill option for cable TV, internet or voice services. After that users need to provide their payment information such as debit card, credit card or checking and saving account. If users opt to pay their bill with help of a customer service agent, they need to pay $5 processing fees.

Charter Bill Pay by Mail

Users can pay their bill via mailing address too. they can find the billing address on their bill statements. Then put the check and copy of your spectrum bill inside an envelope. Make sure to write down your spectrum account number on the check and never send cash in the envelope.


Spectrum offers a wide range of services to more than 26 million customers across the country. Users can opt for different charter bill payment options. In this article, we have provided information about My Spectrum app and how charter bill pay works. We have also provided different payment methods for spectrum users too. If you have any questions regarding Panorama charter bill payment, ask us in the comment section.