Panorama Charter

Panorama Charter Employee Login is an employee portal created by Charter spectrum. They provide cable connection and internet services to more than 26 million customers in 41 states. They have thousands of employees and associates working for them and in order to manage them, they have created an employee login portal named Panorama charter. Read this article to find how to access Panorama Charter Employee Login portal from

Panorama Charter

Panorama charter Login is an exclusive login portal design to cater to every employee of Charter Spectrum. They have around 90,000 employees and associates working for them in 41 states.

In order to manage and create a centralized system, they have created a Panorama charter employee login portal. In this article, we will explain the process of registration or activation of your Panorama charter login ID, Login process, Password reset and more.

Panorama Charter

Panorama Charter Login

When a new employee joins the company, they will receive PID or Legacy Charter login ID. Make sure to access the ESSO page from the charter network for the first time activation.

Panorama Charter
  • It will open another page for Charter password help, now find account activation link and click on it
  • Now enter your PID or Legacy Charter login ID in username box (users will receive their ID in email after joining)
  • Then enter the Pin number, Pin number for US employees is last 4 digits of their SSN, for international employees, enter last 4 digits of your national ID. For the contractors, enter the PIN they have created while joining which is birthday month and day, for example, January 15 will be 0115.
  • Now click on the activate button, then agree to terms and conditions.
  • Then set a new password by following the instruction given on the page (this will be your new password for PID, Legacy Charter login ID, Legacy TWC EID or VID, or Legacy BHN login ID)
  • Now select and answer 4 security questions (this will help users when they need to reset their password)

Once you answer the security questions, they will confirm it and your account is activated. Now you can login with your new credential.

Access Panorama Charter Login Page

  • Visit
  • Now enter your username first (Charter PID or Legacy Charter login ID)
Panorama Charter
  • After that, enter your password, which you have set during the account activation
  • After that click on the login button to access Panorama charter account

Panorama Charter Reset password

If users forgot their account password on Panorama charter, then they can easily reset it from the login page. Here is the process,

  • Visit the official website at
  • Now click on “Forgot your password? Reset it now!”
  • Then select reset my password from the list
Panorama Charter
  • Now enter your charter PID or Legacy Charter login ID and select search option
Panorama Charter
  • It will search for your username and find your security questions
  • Then answer the security questions
  • After that, create a new password

Panorama Charter Employee Login Benefits

  • Employees can check their schedule directly from the portal
  • It allows them to check their benefits like medical insurance, discounts and rewards from the account
  • Panorama charter Login Portalalso provides regular updates for the company and communicate directly with the employees
  • To file taxations or W-2 forms, users can find all this information from the portal
  • The company offers discounts on spectrum TV, internet and voice services, if you are eligible for these discounts, you can find them on your panorama charter account.

About Charter Spectrum

Charter spectrum or spectrum is a trading name for charter communication. They offer cable services, Internet and phone services to their users. They have more than 26 million active users in 41 states. They offer a wide range of packages in cable, broadband and voice services for their users. Currently, they have more than 90,000 employees working for them and to utilize their work, they have created an employee login portal named Panorama charter.

Charter Spectrum Contact

For any kind of support, call them at 1-855-707-7328

For enquiries regarding new offers, call them at 1-855-243-8892

Customers can find a solution to their problems directly on the website, click on the chat option and they will help you solve it.

This app will help you solve any issue related to your spectrum account for any services.

This app will help users who have a Spectrum voice plan.

Find a Spectrum store nearby using this link.

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Panorama Charter FAQ

  • What is the Panorama Charter Employee Login Portal?

Panorama charter is an employee portal created by the charter spectrum. Employees can find their information and access important data directly from the portal.

  • Are charter and spectrum the same?

Yes, they are. Charter spectrum or spectrum is a trading name for charter communication.

  • How to access panorama charter login portal?

Visit the official website at and enter your username and password. Your username is charter PID or Legacy Charter login ID. Once you complete the login process, you can access your charter account.

  • Why can’t I access the Panorama Charter Account?

In order to access the portal, users need to be on a charter network. It means they need to login from their work computer. Otherwise, they won’t be able to access their account.


Charter Spectrum employees can find all their information in one place at the employee login portal. This employee management portal allows them to access their schedules, rewards and other details. Read this article to find how to access panorama charter employee login from portal. We have also provided a detailed guide on panorama charter Login account activation and password reset. If you have any questions about charter employee login portal, then ask us in the comment section.